15-Day Fit Weight Loss Workout System

15-Day Fit Weight Loss Workout System

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A happier and healthier you is only 15 days away! Make your weight loss journey easier and quicker than ever with 15-Day Fit! Featuring effective cardio and muscle toning workouts and Zumba dance workouts.

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15-Day Fit Weight Loss Workout System
  • Lower Body Fit: Booty Camp

    Build the booty that will make others jealous in less than 15 minutes. This workout is all about core and booty toning benefits with a great kick of cardio bursts. (15 min)

  • Cardio Fit: Fat Blast

    Get your heart pumping with this full-body cardio workout that features planks, burpees, jumping jacks and other body weight combinations that are designed for optimum burn. (15 min)

  • Lower Body Fit: Legs + Booty

    Get fantastic results in this 15-minute leg and booty workout that focuses on form and balance with muscle holding techniques. (15 min)

  • Lower Body Fit: Lean Legs

    Learn a dynamic range of leg-focused exercises in this 15-minute workout that incorporates cardio bursts to target all leg muscles. (15 min)

  • Cardio Fit: Core + Strength

    Burn fat quicker than ever in this 15-minute, full-body toning cardio and strength-training workout using fighting strike movements, squats and more! (15-min)

  • Zumba Fit: Let's Dance

    Once you understand the basic Zumba rhythms, test your dance moves with Let's Dance! A 30-minute workout guaranteed to make you SWEAT!

  • Zumba Fit: Beto's Ab-Stravaganza

    Discover the Zumba creator’s technique for targeting all four core abdominal areas. This 15-minute routine combines fiery dance moves with intense floor mat exercises for serious core conditioning.

  • Zumba Fit: Max

    Join Beto as you shake, shimmy and shuffle with this high-intensity, calorie-burning workout.