Zumba Gold Live it Up Total-Body Wellness System

Zumba Gold Live it Up Total-Body Wellness System

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Get groovin' with exciting dance-fitness workouts featuring upbeat Latin and world rhythms designed specifically for the Baby Boomer generation. Zumba Gold is an easy-to-follow program that lets you move to the beat at your own speed. The Zumba Gold Live it Up! System is the total-body wellness program that feels like a party while it revitalizes your mind and body.

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Zumba Gold Live it Up Total-Body Wellness System
  • Step by Step

    This workout teaches you how to break down exciting salsa, merengue, flamenco and cumbia moves. Follow along as Beto, creator of the Zumba program, and international presenter Joy Prouty take you through each routine step by step.

  • Cardio Party

    Let loose during this invigorating, 45-minute dance-fitness workout that helps build endurance, improve balance and increase energy. Cardio starts off slowly with a 7-minute warm-up, then picks up the pace for a full-blown fitness-party. Enjoy an 8-minute cooldown that will leave you refreshed an...

  • Gold-Toning

    Are you ready to shake up your routine? This workout helps participants strengthen, sculpt and tone at their own pace. Press play, turn up the music and have a blast. Grab your 1 lb. maraca-like Zumba Toning Sticks (not included) to tone your body even more.